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It begins

And so it begins.  I’ve been flirting with the idea of having a blog ever since I traded in grinding weeks of clinical work and oblivion on the weekends for the lab bench during the week and clinical work on the weekends (I’ll leave you to decide whether that constitutes oblivion during the week). I contributed the odd post to the Renal Fellow Network to get  started and recently attended Imperial College Graduate School’s Science Blogging Workshop.

It was this course that convinced me to get going in earnest; overseen by the big names of the London science blogging scene I think it convinced all of us who attended that blogging is relevant to those of us trying to make our way in science.

You can see my first effort here and the reference that course convener Erika Cule was kind enough to make to it on her blog here.

I hope to stick at it.  I think the experience of trying to leave something I’ve been doing for 7 years to start a postgraduate degree in a subject I have a sub-undergraduate knowledge of, when not in the first flush of youth, might make for interesting blogging.



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